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Returning Families Re-Enrollment Reservation Fee

Returning Families Re-Enrollment Reservation Fee

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Going into the 5th year of Temecula Learning Pods, the enrollment process is starting early so both families and teachers can start planning for the upcoming homeschool year.

Please use this page to secure your spot fot our homeschool learning pod for the 2024-2025 school year.

Please note, you’ll need to make a payment for EACH current student that you are re-enrolling.

  • Priority re-enrollment opens for returning students: January 3, 2024 
  • Priority re-enrollment closes for returning students: February 1, 2024  
  • Enrollment Reservation Fee: $310 per student (lump sum, or in 2 installments) *non-refundable.

Starting February 1st, enrollment will be open to the general public.  If you have not registered by February 1st (including making your first payment of $155 towards the Enrollment Reservation Fee of $310 per student), a spot in a homeschool learning pod next year is not guaranteed.

Steps for Re-enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year:

  1. By February 1st, 2024, fill out the TLP Returning Family Enrollment Form 2024-2025 and pay the Enrollment Reservation Fee of $310 per student (paid in one lump sum, or broken up into 2 installments of $155 per student by February 1st, $155 per student by April 1st.)
  2. Enrollment Packet and Contract due: April 1st
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